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Minecraft is a different place now.

There used to be legends. Legends of places below the previously conceived bottom of the Overworld. Some said that the Bedrock was the end of the line, while others said that it was just a barrier protecting us from what lies below.

...How low can you go? ;)

This is a mod for Minecraft 1.7.10 that will allow you to very much test the limits of how low you can go, adding a massive number of dimensions stacked on top of each other, all below the Overworld! Go mining! explore! Can you dig deep enough to find the mysterious gemstones forgotten by time?

About the ModEdit

The Deeper Caves mod was released on February 5, 2015, as an implementation of the Deeper Caves suggestion by kittykattykat. It currently adds 14 levels of caves below the Overworld, extending over 1,500 blocks below the ground. Within these levels are found 7 different types of new Ores.

Latest activityEdit

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Drop level suggestion mockup

The appearance of the Drop level.

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